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What We Do Today Will Help Them Shape Tomorrow

If someone were to ask you why you teach, or why you are in education, what would your answer be?

Sitting on a bus loaded with kids on our way to the Hands On Science Lab at CSU Chico, I found myself with a little time and the need to occupy my brain.  TED Talks seemed like a good place to start and so I browsed around for something engaging.  I found this segment, presented by Simon Sinek about inspiring action and it started a train of thought that is still churning away.  Sinek’s model, the golden circle, all starts with the question “Why?”  His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers and he talks about what they did that allowed them to change the world.  It all started with their ability to express what they believed and why they believed it.

So, why are we in education?

For me, it means that I get to be a part of something much larger than myself.  Something that sits right smack at the top of the importance scale.  You’ve heard it many times… our kids are our future, they are our greatest resource.  They are the leaders, the innovators and the creators of tomorrow.  My work is all about giving them what they need today so that they can shape tomorrow.

For those of us who serve in education, the work is deep and meaningful and so very important.  It’s about more than just proficiency, numbers and goals.  It’s about giving our young people the tools they need to make the world a better place.  We have the opportunity to help them learn and grow and become the leaders of tomorrow.  It starts with what we do today.

Let’s work to inspire others!  Please leave a comment below and share why you chose to work in education.


Looking for a Magic Bullet? Start with Curiosity!

Curiosity is the seed from which everything else grows.

Think about it…  How many times have you found yourself curious about something that resulted in exciting and genuine learning?  How many times have you learned something you weren’t curious about?  See the difference?

If we can allow ourselves the opportunity to feel curios about technology, we’re on the road to doing the same for our students.  Check out the TED Talk below where acclaimed educator Ramsay Mussalam talks about the three rules to spark learning:

Curiosity is free, Let’s make good use of it!

These Could Be Our Kids

Our students have the ability to change the world!

There are kids out there right now, who are using technology in ways we can’t even fathom.  Take 14 year old Taylor Wilson, for instance, who created nuclear fission in his parents’ garage to find ways to solve the global energy crisis (…  AT 14!!!  There are kids like Taylor all over who are re-imagining the world they live in in order to make it a better place for everyone.  With the right environment, these could be our kids!

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