About the Author

Hi there!  My name is Michelle Carlson and I’m in the business of helping educators find ways to use technology to its fullest.  And no, that doesn’t mean using it for everything.

The classrooms of today have the potential to be vibrant environments that spawn curiosity and innovation; classrooms that take learning to a whole new level.

From Hobby to Profession

I can remember my family’s first computer.  No storage space.  No Internet.  No connection to the outside world.  But that glowing box sure did fascinate me.

My early interaction with it was a math game that took place inside a castle.  It was clunky and simple, but I LOVED IT!  Every correctly solved problem allowed me to enter into a new room in the castle and played a dramatic set of tunes that sounded like organ music.

Fast forward about three decades.  My fascination with that box and the door to the world that it now provides continues.  I’ve since earned a degree from Chico State in Information and Internet Technology, started and run a business centered around it, and become known as the “go to” person for all things Ed Tech in my full time position at the Tehama County Department of Education.

I’m Here to Help

So what’s this blog all about?  It’s about helping folks like you figure out how to harness the power of technology for the good of the world around us.  It doesn’t have to be a burden, and it doesn’t have to feel like it’s taking over our lives.  It’s about finding balance and using it in ways that open doors.

So, take my hand and let’s move forward in this brave new world together!


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